Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Don't be too jealous

Don't be too jealous. Because. I lost my keys. Either Tuesday or Wednesday of last week. In the past two days I have asked at 4 grocery stores, the bus company, two pubs, a yarn store, the university's lost property office, the manufacturing engineering office, my flat's front desk, and the university's RBS branch. No luck. Today, I'm going to scour the office and tonight I'm going to thoroughly search my flat (although I just cleaned it on Thursday, so nothing should turn up).

It's not really a big deal. Sort of. I may be able to copy my flatmate's mailbox key, and that will save me £20. Yes, charges, that's right:

  1. 1 Mailbox key..........£20
  2. 1 Office Key..........£10 deposit
  3. 1 Bike lock key..........Priceless
I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to tell Harris that his bike is permanently chained to the bike garage. *sigh*

[edit] Now it seems I've also lost my size 10 circular knitting needles, in their packaging. I'm not so much distraught by all this losing of items as I am disappointed in myself. Where did my memory go? I don't usually lose anything, much less keys and everything else! [/edit]

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rainmelon said...

Oh no! I remember when you bought those needles. How sad.

This morning I had such a long list of things that I needed to pack in my bag, that after I got them all in there, I walked out the door without my keys and realized it only as the door closed (locked) behind me. It's the getting up at atrocious hours, I tell you.