Thursday, August 9, 2007


It's 3:30am and I'm not even a little tired, despite trying to sleep for the past four hours.

And what do I do with this newfound chunk of time my insomnia has given me? I read through the Edinburgh Fringe guide, and take photos of boring things. Like, this ad from the catalogue:

The bottom reads, "Only Scientology can save you now!"

Friday I'm going to get some pizza (which I could kill for) and see this show. Anything that involves Shakespeare, stilts, and fire is a classic, for sure. Saturday evening I'll be going to see Best of Scottish Comedy. What's next? The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain? The best Eagles tribute ever? A Yiddish cabaret?!

I dunno, but I'm wondering if "Camille" is the same French artist I listen to back home...despite her being labeled as Irish. lol. [edit: the answer is "no".]

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