Saturday, September 1, 2007


I had a busy day today.

Thomas and I arrived in Glasgow (pronounced "glesca", the faster you say, the less people will notice you're pronouncing it incorrectly) at 10:30am by train, and then proceeded to walk about Glasgow. It didn't take long before we realized it really isn't a town for tourists, but instead, a town for shoppers.
Shoppers on Buchanan St.

We took Lonely Planet's recommended walking tour, that just took us past a bunch of historical buildings that have now been turned into bars, luxury flats, factories, etc. We saw a Scottish funeral, visited the cathedral, wandered through the necropolis, etc. etc.
Glasgow from the Necropolis

I was lazy, and let Thomas do the navigating so I really had no idea where we were at any given point during the day. But when we ran out of places to see, I suggested the Willow Tearooms, which were designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (an Art-Nouveau architect/designer from the early 1900s), and we followed that up with a visit to the Lighthouse, another design by Mackintosh.
The view of Glasgow from the Lighthouse Watertower
The view of Glasgow from the Lighthouse's former watertower.
Looking down the stairs from the top of the Lighthouse's watertower
The way down.

We headed back to Edinburgh and saw Hallam Foe at Cineworld (the place where popcorn costs £4! Only 30p less than a student ticket!). The movie was almost entirely filmed in Edinburgh, so it was cool to be able to identify all the buildings. We ended that night at the Whiski pub which was open surprisingly late. It was entertaining to watch the Hen Party behind us cause all sorts of drama with the management and bar staff.
Inside Whiski

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