Sunday, June 24, 2007


I'm trying desperately not to take a nap. My schedule is completely funky.

Harris (the kid whose room I have taken over) has been incredibly nice to me. Yesterday, when I arrived, he showed me around the building. 'Told me where the laundry place is, the downstairs lounge, etc. He has lent me use of his extra cell phone (since my Turkish phone is questionable), given me his leftover spices and tea, and has lent me his bicycle. Of course, I'd have to be nearly insane to bike in a town I barely know, but we'll see. Today Harris showed me the whole town, lent me 10£ so I could buy a UK Sim Card, introduced me to his friends, showed me where the Edinburgh College of Art's (ECA's) graduating senior exhibit is, and so on.

I think I may slowly begin to understand where things are located.

And now, a small tour of my flat. Excuse the filthiness. I live with two guys, and I really don't care to clean up after them.

Bedroom from door Bedroom from window

My splendid bedroom


Hallway of bedroom doors

The kitchen

The fabulous kitchen

Common room

The amazing common room. Well. Not so amazing.

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