Friday, June 29, 2007

Going Home

On a regular basis I find myself laughing hysterically in the middle of the street (or, at least, in my head). I can't exactly believe that this is a place where I live. Below are some photos of scenes I pass everyday.

The route from the bus

Here's a small map of a typical route home from the bus.

Bus stop

My bus stop, with something suspicious lingering in the background...

Princes St. gardens

A short walk along the Princes Street Gardens.

Princes St.

The view down Princes St. Serious shopping. If I photographed it at another time/day, it'd be quite filled with people.

Lothian Rd.

A turn down Lothian Road, little stores, medium-sized grocery stores.


An ooooold cemetary on the corner of Lothian and Princes Sts.

Castle along Fountainbridge

The castle peeks through, along Fountainbridge.

Close to home


Portsburgh Court

My apartment building.

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