Thursday, July 12, 2007

Arthur's Seat

So. Edinburgh has seven rather large hill-ish mountain-ish things surrounding it. After a fabulous meal at David Bann I headed out to Arthur's Seat, one of the aforementioned seven hill-ish mountain-ish things.

Arthur's Seat from below
It didn't look too bad from the bottom.

Halfway up Arthur's Seat
...but that was before I got halfway up and the wine kicked in a second time.

Flowers from Arthur's Seat
A pretty view during one of my breaks.
A snail
There were lots of slugs and snails along my way.

Me near the top of Arthur's Seat
It only took about a half an hour to reach the top, and then I took some pretty photos:

Edinburgh Castle (to the left) from Arthur's Seat
The Sea from Arthur's Seat
The National Monument on Calton Hill
What you see there is the National Monument on Calton Hill. It was supposed to be a model of the Parthenon, but they ran out of money after 12 columns. It has been known to be nicknamed the "shame of Edinburgh".

I determined that perhaps having the smaller glass of wine with my dinner would've been a better idea. Somehow, exercising immediately after it has left me rather impaired all evening.

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