Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So I went to CityKnitty's SnB again tonight. 'Had myself a "ginger beer" (which I'm quite sure is just ginger ale...but somehow tastier). I spent an hour and a half frogging some oatmeal color shrug I had finished, but didn't fit right. Time to begin again! I've become very Tibetan-monk about my knitting. Finish it, then throw it all away!

An older woman noticed a more exciting yarn in my bag, before I left. A more exciting yarn that has become this goofy hat:
Purple girly goofy hat
I really like it, despite its ridiculousness.


rainmelon said...

Ah, there's the hat. It is adorably goofy...I love the giant flower on the side.

iris said...

Oh, it's the flower that makes it goofy. I just picked up some beads for it this morning...

And thanks for commenting, sDas. Despite the fact that I know of a handful of people who read my blog, it finally *looks* like I have friends. lol.