Thursday, August 2, 2007

International Students Trip

Who says Thursday can't be a little fun?

I ended up in Dunkeld again. So I crossed the bridge over the River Tay and ended up in Birnam (as in Beatrix Potter's childhood vacation home...or "Birnam Woods" from Macbeth). I had to cover my ears as Fiona revealed the plot to Macbeth. I really should become literate again. Anyways. Photos.

Blair Castle with Bagpiper
Blair Castle with a wee piper.
Blair Castle. Again
Blair Castle without the piper (and generally a fuller view).
Falls of Bruar
The Falls of Bruar. Slowly becoming commercialized...the ice cream is okay.
Edradour Distillery
And last, Edradour Distillery. The smallest whisky distillery in Scotland.

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