Saturday, July 7, 2007


Today, I walked past the castle. Then, I climbed the side of the cliff up to the castle, at which point I proceeded to walk down the other side. To top all this excitement off, I bought 6 pairs of socks and found a yarn supply inside a John Lewis department store.

Yes. I'm that exciting.

Oh, wait. I lied. I also went to the "Scotch Whisky Experience" which was sort of like a haunted house ride...through the history of whisky. The bonus was a free sample of the cheapest whisky they had on offer. Which is great, because it burns.

I befriended an Indian couple who bought the 4-region whisky sampler, and was obliged to finish off their "Island" whisky. If they could put a BBQ into liquid form, whisky from the islands is it.

Photos from today's walk about town:

Old Town over Waverley Bridge

Old Town over Waverley Bridge

Under Waverley Bridge

Waverley Bridge doesn't cross a body of water. It used to cross swamplands that have since been turned into the Princes Gardens...along with Waverley train station.

New Town from the cliff

New Town from the side of the Castle's cliff. That front row of buildings is Princes Street (I've posted photos of it before...). Behind you see the water. Maybe some weekend I will head out to Ocean Terminal...

People on the Royal Mile

Lots of people headed to Edinburgh Castle near the Whisky Experience

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