Thursday, July 5, 2007


A missed meet-up with the other international students, and I end up watching Paris, Je T'aime on my own in a theatre that holds ~80 people. It's like watching a movie in a large living room.

There's nothing like 10 short films about love in a foreign city to remind you that you're watching a movie without any a foreign city. The last one nearly killed me.

And then. AND THEN. I come home to this:
The refridgerator
That's right. My flatmate filled my shelf with Stella! You'd think the other three shelves would be enough? Then again, having a shelf full of beer may not be the end of the world...

I was walking back from the movie theatre at 11pm, and somehow ended up on the road with all the show bars. I thought I had maneuvered it so I wouldn't cross them (I would've preferred avoiding drunken guys coming out of lap-dance-a-palooza), but no harm done. There were middle-aged American women hanging out of the next building/hotel, taunting each party-goer that exited the neighboring establishment with, "Good evening darlin'" in a light Southern drawl. god. I love being American.

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