Wednesday, July 4, 2007

To market, to market

I finally found a good day (rather, a good two hours. It began pouring immediately afterwards) in which to take a photo tour of the city. Or rather, more specifically, a photo tour of my route to the grocery store. As the summer wears on, perhaps I'll actually spend some time in a few of these tourist traps. Or perhaps not.

The route

I've drawn out the grocery route above. It starts at the bus stop along Princes St. (after work)


Royal Scottish Academy and National Gallery

The view down Princes Street

Princes Street

Old Town from Tourism Centre
Old Town from Tourism Centre

Old Town (I like the way it looks. It's very Edinburgh)

Waverley Bridge

The view of Old Town over Waverely Bridge

Edinburgh Dungeon

Market St., with the Edinburgh Dungeon on the left.

Alley stairwell

We took an early turn, need to take a side-street/stairway up to Cockburn St. There's usually a restaurant or two tucked away along these "closes".

Cockburn St.

Cockburn St. Kitschy shopping (a lot more open & full when not on a Sunday).

The Royal Mile

Cross the Royal Mile which leads to Edinburgh Castle, but I take it the other way. To South Bridge/Nicolson St.

Nicolson St.

South Bridge/Nicolson St. It gets progressively more residential and city-ish.

Tesco Supermarket

Tesco Metro Supermarket!!

Royal Mile

A (former?) church, as I walk along the Royal Mile.

Victoria St.

Victoria St. has some more small shops, and it leads directly to Grassmarket.

Grassmarket Pubs

Grassmarket, the place of many pubs and former hangings.

Castle view

Another angle of Edinburgh Castle, peering over Grassmarket.

And that's it! (Grassmarket is literally a 2 minute walk from my doorstep)

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