Sunday, July 1, 2007


There was a short break in the rain today, so I decided to head out to Dobbie's Garden World out in Lasswade. I just sort of wandered around and looked at the plants. Didn't buy anything. There just isn't a point. Ever since I bought my "poppy mug" at the market on Princes St., my obsession with poppies has died down.


As I was waiting for the bus back, some old man said something to me. I responded and he immdiately said, "You're American." "Yes. The accent's pretty obvious."

Everyone has been pointing out that I'm from America. I guess it never really happened in Turkey because there weren't that many people who could discern amongst accents of English.

The old man continued to talk to me about what I was doing, when I was going back, eating lunch, "Balto", calling me sweety pie, and all sorts of exciting things. So exciting that I didn't really understand anything he said. He took the blank look on my face to mean that I didn't believe him.

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